Spontaneously, Inigo Sesma is sharing his memories, his feelings, his adventure throughout his off road jaunt toward west coast. In Memory of the beat generation, back on the ground where the legend of the West conquest Happened. "Unpaved paradise" is a 4000 Miles overnight expedition, tribute to the beauty and diversity of the land. Outside of main acces, Inigo Sesma bring us into his pilgrimage, in the path of all travellers legend ." Unpaved Paradise" is our freedom to take on the road

In societies driven by appearances, Inigo Sesma, born in Donostia in 1987, sets up his own atmosphere, mixing feelings by manipulating the image . In the shaping of Inigo Sesma painting, there is always a limit among questioning and esthetic, a frontier between daily life and film fiction. " Unpaved paradise" highlights the artist narrative process, his strenght to direct the image, his representation of the real.